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Radiographic System




Tube unit
Bucky Table (BT-W1)
Focal size 1.0 2.0,
0.6 1.2
Movement Longitudinal, 350
Transverse, 150
Anode Heat Unit 140kHU, 300kHU Table Dimensions 2000L745W710H
Max kVp 125kVp, 150kVp * OPTION
Max mA 300/ 500/ 600
Bucky Stand (BS-W1)
Collimator (CM-W1)
Dimension 585W 585D 1900H
Lightning 26 – 30sec, 100 – 160lux Grid : Standard Bucky 85LPI 8:1 fd=40-72
Tube Stand (TS-W1)
Ceiling Tube Suspended (TC-W1)
Left/Right moving
1,800 more Movement Up/Down,1200
Longitudinal, 2950 /

Transverse, 1750
Total height 2,100
Stand arm swing
90 Arm Angle 180

WR Series (Console)

Can reduce shooting time about 50% than general method when WSR-40 system films human body by high frequency inverter method and because control console is small and light, is possible by wall tapestry and Radiographic is available by remote control switch conveniently that user films. And have A.P. R function to basis.