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MTV1000 is an ICU-grade ventilator designed for transport. The essential functions and
high performance of system can save your efforts for patient care.

Extreme flexibility without compromising places and quality of care with ease.


  • ER, ICU, transportable, general ward, medical care facility or silver hospital (home ventilator)
  • ICU-grade performance ventilator with unique pneumatic technology
  • A variety of ventilation modes :
    PACV, PSIMV, VACV, VSIMV, Spont+/CPAP, PRVC, Auto, O2 – Stream, Apnea back-up
  • Optional features: SpO2, EtCO2, pneumatic nebulizer
  • Both Invasive and non-invasive including high flow : up to critically acute care
  • Dual and single limb circuit applicable