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Highest Function for Oxygen Saturation

The low perfusion sensitivity is most important factor for oxygen saturation technology. MEKICS technology is proved the highest level in the World through various clinical comparisons and clinical test in university hospital of Korea


Various Function

PI (Perfusion Index), FiO2 concentration (optional sensor), Alarm-Monitoring, 120hours trend

  • Perfusion Index
    It reflects the amount of blood flow as index number of an arterial blood variation based on the pulsation. It is possible to use that clinical information, and ensure of reliance and safety for SpO2 measurement.
  • Max sensitivity based on the selection of neonate or adult
    Select the low PI patient (neonate), create the maximized sensitivity


Light Intensity controlled SpO2 Technology (LIC SpO2)

SpO2 module of MEKICS adopts optimal technology against noise as controlled of light intensity spontaneous according to the variation sensitivity of sensor and various patient who has different penetration (based on the thick, human race, and skin condition, the penetration will be different). It is named “Light Intensity Controlled SpO2 Technology”