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DR X-Ray System



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WS-DRT It is Multi-purpose detector support that UP/Down, Left/Right transfer is possible and enables various general Radiographic including Table Radiographic and Stand Radiographic by detectors by remote control by device that support DR detector. * Working voltage : 1 phase 220V 50/60Hz 10%
* Input capacity : 50VA
* Size of bed plate : 2000 X 728mm
* Quality of the material of bed plate : PC
* Right and left transfer of bed plate : Left 400mm, Right 200mm
* Before and transfer of bed plate : 120mm
* Right and left transfer of detector support sieve : 1350mm
* Top and bottom transfer of support sieve : 980mm

Product specification

Product Item WS-DRT
Detector supporter UP / Down travel Distance 705mm
Right / Left travel Distance 1,310mm
UP /Down transport speed 21 mm/sec (33sec)
Right / Left transport speed 65.5 mm/sec (21sec)
Remote control switch Basis 6 KEY
Power Capacity 200 W
Power 1phase, 230V 10% 50/60 Hz
Table Size of bed plate 2000 X 728mm
Bed plate Right/Left travel Distance 490mm
Bed plate Front/After travel 120mm